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Thanks for hitting refresh on our livejournal page for the past several months.

Our summer was HUGE, and we are so (like so, so, so) sad that summer is over. Here's some of the things that happened:

#1 We set up a hotline to promote safety at Speedy shows. It unexpectedly drew a large internet reaction. Here's one of the Q&A's where it was discussed:

#2 We got a new hot vid that I co-directed with the one and only Boast Choan. Check it:

#3 We announced some tour dates. The remaining shows as of this post are in bold.
10/05/2015 Comet Berlin, Germany
10/06/2015 Golem Hamburg, Germany
10/07/2015 Blue Shell Cologne, Germany
10/09/2015 Spazio 211 Turin, Italy
10/10/2015 Covo Club Bologna, Italy
10/12/2015 Hafenkneipew Zurich, Switzerland
10/13/2015 Bad Bonn Düdingen, Switzerland
10/15/2015 The Haunt Brighton, United Kingdom
10/16/2015 Sound Control Manchester, United Kingdom
10/17/2015 Whelan's Dublin, Ireland
10/18/2015 Burenell Social Clubw Leeds, United Kingdom
10/21/2015 Tufnell Park Dome London, United Kingdom
10/22/2015 Stereo Glasgow, United Kingdom
10/23/2015 All Years Leaving Birmingham, United Kingdom
10/26/2015 BOTANIQUE Brussels, Belgium
10/27/2015 Pitchfork Paris - opening night Paris, France
10/28/2015 Merleyn Nijmegen, Netherlands
10/29/2015 Bitterzoetw Amsterdam, Netherlands
10/30/2015 La Péniche Lille, France
10/31/2015 Festival SOY Nantes, France

Sweet gif:

And lots more stuff. Here's some summer scrapbooking:

June 15
Some dude leaned on my car.

June 26
Solid Sound Festial

July 7
Recording in Vermont w/ the great John Agnello


Aug 2

Aug 3
Pup of the day I think?

Aug 11
Got donuts

Playboy followed us around for like 6 hours.

Aug 12-13
Shooting yet another video. We prefer to avoid spoilers, so here's a pic of me as "the hot cop."

Aug 14
Darl meets his mentor in Omaha.

Aug 28
Riot Fest Denver. The Get Up Kids.

Aug 30
Big Boston boat show with Downtown Boys and Francine.

Aug 31
St. Vitus show. Sadie got an awesome shot of Jade and Joe from Aye Nako.

Sept 9
We somehow convinced Anybody But The Cops to play a non-basement show.

Sept 11
The Loft in Chicago

Sept 13

Here's a couple sweet Riot Fest vids from Darl. In the first one, Hum plays the first 15 seconds of "Green To Me." The 2nd one is Drive Like Jehu.

Sept 23
Chill out with Alex G gang.

Sept 25
Shotgunned beers in a shower stall with Doomtree.

Sept 26
Boston show with Aye Nako & Guerilla Toss!

Later, Darl got snuggly with Buster.

Sept 27
Sadie & P.O.S.