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August 4 (New Orleans, LA)

We pulled up to our first ever show in New Orleans, and the first thing we saw was the cover of one of our mixtapes drawn next to the door with chalk. (Original artwork courtesy of Darl Ferm.) Opposable Thumbs tore it up. We mostly listened to Hot Boyz (Juvenile, Baby Birdman, Lil Wayne, etc) while driving around, to get into the spirit of New Orleans, and we somehow evaded crocodiles.

August 5 (Baton Rouge, LA)
Special thanks to the drummer from Dov Charney who just happened to be the nicest most generous guy ever and handed me one of his spare ride cymbals to keep. [Drummers Guild United.]

After the show... One quick piss stop in Mississippi at 2AM is one too many. We were pulled off the highway only 30 seconds before the scariest truck with the meanest looking trucker dudes spotted us with our Massachusetts plates and pulled up right next to us. I immediately yelled something along the lines of "OHMYGOD GET IN THE FUCKING CAR," and they watched us speed away about 10 seconds later. We had to do the thing where you force yourself to squeeze-in mid-piss for about 10 minutes before ultimately releasing at a safer Alabama rest stop.

August 6 (Atlanta, GA)
We saw a few dudes who might have been Pill, who turned out to not be Pill, even though we were told 529 was one of his local hangouts. (A few fans were surprised we had heard of him. Everyone loves Pill.)


August 7 (Athens, GA)
I'm pretty sure the high school band was named Monsoon. Amazing show from start to finish, especially our Nashville buds Narwhal who were added onto the bill at the last minute.

August 8 (Charlotte, NC)
Bo knows bass. (He's def heard that joke before.) Bo White Y Su Orquestra know how to get dat funk out.

August 9 (Durham, NC)
Big party for Blanko Basnet's new record...

Darl was depicted in a recent band profile as a "Polvo-worshipping bassist" (which is only partially true, but not necessarily untrue). During Organos set, a gentleman named John Kurtz approached Darl who said he just happened to know the bass player from Polvo. According to this guy, they had played basketball together for years, but he had never even heard of Polvo until only a few weeks ago. When Darl responded, "that's amazing! Well, I'd love to meet him sometime," the gentleman nodded enthusiastically and said "OH YOU'RE GONNA MEET HIM ALRIGHT. TONIGHT!" And so that's how we all got to drink beer with Steve from Polvo.

August 10 (Richmond, VA)

We love Strange Matter. Sandwiches and Sundials. Matt turned a whole year older halfway through our set. Afterwards, we went to Sundials' house and watched Can't Hardly Wait starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Seth Green. I hadn't seen it since 1999, and it was way worse this time around.

August 11 (Washington, DC)
At long last, we were once again reunited with our old friends Two Inch Astronaut and Soccer Team, two of our favorite BFF bands of all time. The buzz floating around the venue mentioned that Chris Richards from Q And Not U was in attendance, as well as the one and only Thor Slaughter (who helped Matt celebrate his birthday by having him ride on his back during "Mark VI" like a wild rodeo bull).

Although the obvious highlight of the night for all of us in Speedy was our brief exchange of words with none other than Mary Timony. (No, really. This actually happened. Not kidding. We are somehow on Mary Timony's radar.) Sadie got to talk with Mary the most, but I briefly got in a few sentences as we showered her with a multitude of free Speedy Ortiz merchandise. She liked the concept behind our tour-mix CDRs and said "That's a good idea!" When Matt gave her our cassette, she said she didn't have a tape player, and Matt responded, "You should get one!" Mary, we love you. Please be our best friend.

The next day Thor and Lars took us on a dope tour of the new NPR building.


August 12 (Baltimore, MD)

Both Hive Bent and Roomrunner were in TOP fucking form, and played the best sets I've personally ever seen from either band. This was also our first of two nights with Bleeding Rainbow who tore that shit up. Solid show from beginning to end. On this night, I was the only member of Speedy who didn't wear a baseball hat. Afterwards, we watched The Simpsons at Dan Frome's pad.

August 13 (Philadelphia, PA)

We did a radio session at a recording studio that had lots of familiar-looking gold and platinum records on the walls. We thought they were just there for decoration, but in fact it actually was the same studio that had once recorded songs with Dru Hill, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Robyn, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, and many others that we can't recall at the moment.

Bleeding Rainbow was even better at this night's house show than in Baltimore. It's entirely possible that they kill harder at house venues. After this, we drank beer at Sex Dungeon with Dan and James (the dudes who recorded Sports EP for us once upon a time) who shows us their collection of 80s metal trading cards.

August 14 (NYC, NY)

We Explored The Hole With Speedy Ortiz. It was described to us as a weird haunted mafia dumping ground in Brooklyn. The Voice writer ended up losing her iPhone in a pit of brush and getting badly eaten by mosquitoes. I helped her search for her phone for about 15 minutes but did not receive credit for my assistance in the article. Oh well...

Later that night, we played 5 songs for Serious Business including a better-than-usual performance of "Casper."

August 15 (Hadley, MA)
Properly ending our summer adventures by tackling our vow to play four more Western Mass shows by the end of 2013. For the first of these four shows, we shared a line-up with Harmoos, Egg Eggs, Zebu and Fake. Justin Pizzoferrato was around. "The place to be."

August 16 (Bed)
We all went to bed. Separately. In our own rooms. Forever.


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Travis Basevi
Oct. 19th, 2013 09:08 am (UTC)
Online Merch?
Is there anywhere your insatiable overseas fans (me) could buy your shirts online?

Better still, just tour the UK. I'll buy one of everything. Promise.
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