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HAPPY NEW DEER (+ nu vid)

The fresh Speedy alb is now available at a Lowes or Home Depot near you. It's called FOIL DEER and you (yes, you) can listen to it right now - legally - in 49 out of 50 states! (We heard Mississip doesn't jive with that Deer chic.)

12 Gracious Melodies:
1. "Good Neck" 2. "Raising The Skate" 3. "The Graduates" 4. "Dot X" 5. "Homonovus" 6. "Puffer" 7. "Swell Content" 8. "Zig" 9. "My Dead Girl" 10. "Ginger" 11. "Mr. Difficult" 12. "Dvrk Wvrld"

Here's what it looks like on Spotify:

None of us in the band have actually seen the album yet, but we'll be live tweeting a big cellophane unwrapping ceremony probably tomorrow morning.

And our new vid for "The Graduates" just got posted. I wonder why Sadie and Darl look so surprised. Guess you'll have to watch and find out.

If you haven't seen the video yet, you should view it now prior to scrolling below because we're gonna post some spoiler pics...

We have some radio sessions this week. These are subject to change, so check our Facebook for updates on those.

Tour kick-off happens tomorrow night at The Sinclair in Cambridge, Mass!

For the first half of tour, we'll be joined by those gorgeous homies in KRILL, with the seductive sounds of ALEX G joining throughout the 2nd half. And throughout our travels, we'll also be ridin' around shinin' with maximized dopeness: MITSKI, TWO INCH ASTRONAUT, EX-BREATHERS, BROKEN WATER, and PALEHOUND are all joining us for multiple shows! (W-W-WAT?!) And before it's done we'll even get to share the stage with rad one-offs like BLESSED STATE, SLUTEVER, ACCORDION CRIMES, BITTER CANNON, and even JENNY LEWIS from the Rilos of Kiley.

Here's the link to all of our tour dates:


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