February 2nd, 2015

Oh My Glob, Lump Off. It's an update.

Hey, this is Mike.

When you tour all year and take online classes at the same time, it gets tough to keep up a band journal. A few interview people asked us "hey guys, what goin' on with the livejournal?" The LJ never went away. We just got busy. While we were touring with Ex Hex, I took an online class on library management, and in one part they explained the difference between "important priorities" and "urgent priorities." Sometimes priorities are both. Sometimes they're neither. In this case, livejournal was considered important but not urgent, because we can always get around to posting this stuff later. And later is now. It's time.

Plus, I was promised nachos if we had an update tonight. So let's get back up to speed here. (Pun intended.)

#1 We're gonna continue doing the tour scrapbook stuff (starting from where we left off last March) even though the events happened a while ago. We've been keeping pictures and memories prepared for when the updates start up again, and it would suck for it to go to waste.

#2 We'll also be using this to go into greater detail about what we're planning for the next few months. While our Facebook is probably a better resource for that, we can get into full on TLDR mode on the livejournal. Nothin's holdin' us back.

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