April 3rd, 2015

The "Joe from Big Ups Lookin'-Dope" Europe Tour (+ late-Aug & Sept stuff)

We coincidentally saw pictures of Joe from Big Ups hanging on walls at at least 3 festivals on this tour, hence the title of this entry (and we kept bumping into them at more shows, much like on our last Euro-tour).

8/7/14 Gothenburg (Way Out West Festival)
Some ghosts jumped on stage during "Doomsday" and got the crowd pumped. Darl recognized Statik Selektah in front of our hotel spot. Some Swedish dudes called us "typical Americans" but I don't remember why. Someone took our picture on a carousel.

8/10/14 Skipton (Funkirk Estate)
It rained a lot and we saw The Fall walking around pissed. Chilled briefly with Joanna Gruesome.

8/12/14 Edinburgh, Scotland (Electric Circus)
The beginning of our mini-tour with Happyness. Darl says there were "kareoke cameras" and a "drag show afterwards," but I have no memory of any of this. We were shockingly pleased to find out that Happyness has a song about torture fantasies starring Win Butler from Arcade Fire. Here's a video someone took of us being dorky nerds:

8/13/14 Newcastle (The Cluny)
The Cluny sounds like one of those spots that Dave Catmur (our Euro-tour manager and former drummer from UK-alt giants Tubelord) would pronounce really properly. Also this was the day everyone learned that we would sadly not be seeing Electric Wizard on that Saturday, as ATP ended up cancelling the Jabberwocky festival. And only 4 days prior. Big bum-outs all around.

I don't remember if this is where these pics were taken but I will post them here 'cuz the kids look adorbs.

8/14/14 Brighton (Prince Albert)
Big show with Happyness and Eugene Quell. At the after-party, they rocked out really hard to Pile and Cam'ron and one dude smashed a hanging lightbulb into the ceiling. We found out later that someone had been videotaping throughout the night and the footage was used in this video:

No show. Everyone's plans became wide open, and a lot of club shows popped up all over London due to the festival cancellation.

I somehow figured out how to walk from Tate Modern to Old Blue Last (for the Ought/Big Ups show) by myself without a GPS despite knowing nothing about London, and I consider this a huge accomplishment. I found Darl and Devin hanging out there with Big Ups, and we met up with Sadie and Laura Snapes at the Iceage show at Apiary Studios. Later, David Catmur took us to get Hot Salt Beef Bagels, which is apparently something you're supposed to get in London. They taste way better than they look, so I won't post a picture.

8/16/14 London (100 Club)
Big ATP-replacement show with Cloud Nothings and Hookworms. Not bad considering the show was only booked 2 days prior. Darl volunteered to do stand-up comedy by himself.

8/17/14 Brecon Beacons, Wales (Green Man Festival)

It was pretty cold. Saw Real Estate & Kurt Vile. Flew back home.

("I'm sleep." - Earl Sweatshirt, 2009)

8/23/14 Monterey (First City Fest)
Saw Midlake and Beck. Some scary clown dude played a bunch of Lorde covers.

I think this was our first time getting flown out just to play 1 thing and then flying back. Missed our returning flight due to burrito. Hung out in San Francisco while we waited for our returning flight. Found some Heatmiser tapes. While in line at C.R.E.A.M. someone snagged Devin's backpack that contained the laptop with the stems for the Foil Deer demos.

9/1/14 - 9/13/14 Brooklyn (Rare Book Room)

Recording Foil Deer with Nico and Gabe Wax. We played with Fucked Up at Irving Plaza on that Friday (Sept 5). And a week later, we saw Tera Melos and Pinback at the same spot.

9/26/14 Champaign/Urbana (Pygmalion)
Tried to find Hum but they were nowhere to be found.

9/27/14 Cincinnati (Midpoint)
With EMA and Ex Hex. Got flown to Portland very early the next morning.

9/28/14 Portland (Project Pabst)
Despite the name and whether or not you're a fan of PBR, let it be known that this festival was VERY well organized and was really fun. Jammed out to GZA, The Thermals, Modest Mouse and Shabazz Palaces.

9/29/14 Portland
We didn't play a show. Just hung out and had a really fun time chillin' with Mike Clark and Jake Morris (from The Jicks). I suggested we visit an arcade kinda half-expecting no dice; however, Mike knew exactly the spot for us, and he taught me how to play Joust. At one point, I caught Sadie and Mike playing Dance Dance Revolution. Jake took us to a cool bar afterwards and we met a dancer who just happened to be from Northampton. Best day. Gold Star this one. Seal of approval.
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