April 12th, 2015

"Ex Hex Zone They Know Better" Tour Oct/Nov '15

Trying to catch up on tour scrapbooking before anything else big happens. Here's some fun memories from Ex Hex tour...

10/04/14 Boston (The Lawn on D)
They had swings for grown-ups. Saw Ted Leo walking somewhere. Left amp at the show bc didn't know it was our amp. Off to a great start.

10/05/14 Washington DC (Black Cat)
Ex Hex tour kick off. Darl drove to get amp from Allston. http://brightestyoungthings.com/articles/live-dc-ex-hex-speedy-ortiz-teen-liver-black-cat.htm

10/07/14 Louisville (Zanzabar)
Release date for our split with Chris Weisman.

10/08/14 Denver (Hi Dive)
Holy fucking shit, Accordion Crimes.
Do it: https://accordioncrimes.bandcamp.com/

10/09/14 Albuquerque (Sister)

10/10/14 Tempe (Yucca Tap Room)
Attended Illuminati meeting on Bucket Of Blood Road. Weird show. They split the bar with velvet rope for the under-21s. Except it might have been police tape and not velvet rope. Traded tapes with Numb Bats. Pup of the day.

10/12/14 Los Angeles (The Echo)

10/14/14 San Francisco (Rickshaw Stop)
Requisite "Sadie gets sick on tour" day.
PICS: http://www.prefixmag.com/photos/ex-hex-speedy-ortiz-rickshaw-stop-in-san-francisco

10/16/14 Portland (Mississippi Studios)
Lots of cameos at this one. Mark from Breeders stopped by and was nice enough to run sound for us. Blesst Chest opened the night, featuring Dr. Jake Morris on the drums. And of course, Mike Clark from The Jicks joined us for the big Mike Clark 5 reunion.

Had to cancel Vancouver due to sick. :(

10/18/14 Seattle (Barboza)
Universe People were right on. Tacocat brought us Taco Bell gift cards or something. (See picture below.)

10/23/14 Fargo (The Aquarium)
For future reference, we would prefer homies to not venture behind the merch table, whether we're behind the table or not. That's like our personal space. We need it.

10/24/14 Minneapolis (7th Street Entry)
Devin got sick like 5 minutes before we played, so we played as a 3 piece. Sadie stalled with stage banter after every song thinking that Devin was going to walk on stage. Partially because of this, people on twitter thought we were far more wasted than we actually were. Did we drink with Buildings afterwards? You bet we did.

10/26/14 Detroit (PJ's Lager House)
Pity Sex! Destroy This Place! I made a cameo on Ex Hex's insta. (That's what the kids call Instagram.)

10/27/14 Vancouver (Horseshoe Tavern)
Chillin' with the Sensei kids. Kareoke with Michael Deforge. Sang lots of Nicki Minaj and Our Lady Peace songs.

10/28/14 Montreal (Il Motore)
Spent the night squeezed into Cass's bedroom. Shit got cozy.

10/29/14 Burlington (The Monkey House)

10/30/14 Allston (Great Scott)

10/31/14 Hamden (The Space)
Halloween. Ex Hex were The Heartbreakers. LOOM came dressed in all white and had a scary movie projected onto them while they played. Ovlov wore some freaky masks or something. Theo and Morgan looked particularly creepy. Speedy didn't really have a theme; Sadie was a singer from the show Nashville and my costume was a "Blunts and Bitches" t-shirt with an ICP hat, so people thought I was supposed to be a juggalo but I was really just a dumbass. (Can't find any pics from this show, but I'm sure they're out there.)

11/01/14 Brooklyn (Glasslands)
Aye Nako kicked srs ace. Definitely didn't put a huge dent in the rental van on this night.

11/02/14 Manhattan (Mercury Lounge)
Big Ups debuted some sweet jams. Doing homework and writing papers on tour is really fun and not frustrating at all and we highly recommend it to everyone.

11/04/14 Philadelphia (Johnny Brendas)

11/05/14 Baltimore (Ottobar)
I think we got Pho or something.

11/06/14 Richmond (Strange Matter)
Forgot to play The Simpsons arcade game.

11/07/14 Durham (Pinhook)
I said "Fuck Kevin Durant" and people thought I was serious and not quoting The BasedGod's "Fuck KD" from his groundbreaking and highly influential Hoop Life mixtape.

Photobomb girl pushed me out of tour pic.

Devin and Betsy BFFL

We liked her so much we traded half of our gear just to bring her back with us.

I'm actually in this one but Darl got cut out, although his love for Jesus made the frame.
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