June 9th, 2015

some sk8 videos

Hello again. We've been back from tour for 2 days and are kinda almost actually rested for once.

Tour scrapbook coming soon. In the meantime, the video for "Raising the Skate" premiered 3-4 weeks ago while we were travelling, and we didn't get to journal about it yet:

It's a heartwarming story based on true life events. Darl gets choked by delicious spaghetti. I get possessed by a cat demon, and I end up stabbing Devin with a pool cue. (Sorry Devin.) Sadie stabs me and releases the cat demon, but unfortunately I'm already dead. Bummer.

Casey Herz from Lasthaus was the director. Ariel Shvartsman helped out with writing out the general concept of the video, and he let me wear his glasses which was super generous. Amanda King and Isabel Farrington helped with costume design and other tasks. There was also a crew of about 10 other people whose names I regrettably wasn't able to catch, but their help was tremendously appreciated. (If anyone sees this and wants to send over their names, we'll include them here!)

They used an impressively high-tech camera and took lots of cues from Hausu and Suspiria. Some of the shots legitimately scared us, like the one where Sadie wakes up in the middle of the empty room with just the one glowing spotlight over her...

I swear I've had fucked up nightmares just like that.

We shot the haunted house stuff at Boston College, and the car stuff was shot a few weeks later (on my birthday) at Studio 52 in Allston.

The car we're driving is my car. It's a station wagon with wood panel.

This picture is not of my car but rather the Griswolds' car from National Lampoon's Vacation.

The connection between scary movies and skating can be summed up with two words: Matthew Lillard. He not only played Stew in Scream, but he also hosted Sk8 TV. Here he is in 1990 interviewing Guy Mariano:

And here's some more useful info:

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